News: Transform a hug into domination and submission

Transform a  hug into domination and submission

Ross and Josh are skilled and hilarious. Their show UrbanBeatdown shows the best ways to dominate your buddies like a Kung Fu master.

Their legal disclaimer should be taken seriously, but Ross and Josh should not.

They create submission holds to take down and subdue an incoming hugger. The humiliation factor is truly satisfying to watch.

Humiliate and take down a friend



What if he hits me in the balls? xD just kiding

haha dude wit the afro looks like vin diesel wit a beard

Loaf Da Convict should do this to my cell mate Bubba when he trys to...hug Loaf...

I try it on my friends and they started crying it freaking awsome


someone did this to my friend once.. he broke his nose when he fell

Ros is cool..and cute xD

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