News: Headbutt like Kiefer Sutherland

Headbutt like Kiefer Sutherland

Headbutt like Kiefer Sutherland According to the gossip rags our favorite terrorist torturer, Jack Bauer is back on the rampage. Unfortunately, not on the 24 set, but in real life. Kiefer Sutherland was booked yesterday for a misdemeanor in the "headbutting" of fellow (albeit minor) celeb Jack McCollough.

Kiefer claims he was defending Brooke Shields. Funny enough, Shields' people have yet to agree.

Kiefer's not new to the bar brawl. He's been arrested twice since 2004 for drunkeness. This recent blip comes as no surprise. Just don't let it disrupt next season of 24's filming.

Unlike Kiefer, you probably don't spend your working hours engaging in faux combat under the tutelage of trained killers. So, in case you encounter a drunk Kiefer at your local pub, be prepared. Here's the breakdown of headbutting mechanics with a headbutting lesson from Richard Grannon.

Take a point from the master himself and go for the nose for maximum impact.

Image courtesy of The Improper.
Headbutt effectively Kiefer Sutherland style

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