How To: Strike vital points for self-defense

Strike vital points for self-defense

Sensei Anthony Britton demonstrates how to defend yourself against an attacker larger and heavier than yourself by applying the principles of vital point striking. Cause your attacker some pain by attacking those weak human body areas. Works on all shapes and sizes.

IMPORTANT: Please use extreme caution when practicing these moves. Remember that with the right amount of force, you can severely hurt somebody. These techniques are to be used for self-defense purposes only. All self-defense moves and tips are to be used at the risk of the user.


Few days ago i got attacked by more than 10 people i believe they were around 10-16 people.
what i did: pushed 2 of them away from me and ran away.
is there any thing i could of done other than running?
I thing i did the right thing otherwise... 16 vs 1 i would of been dead.
what do you guys think?

You definitely did the right thing. You can only fight off 10+ people in the movies.

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