How To: Shadowbox to prepare for a street fight

Shadowbox to prepare for a street fight

Ever wondered how to fight, how to defend yourself, or how to simply be bad ass? Well, this video tutorial from Fight Tips will get you on your way to streetfighting, protecting yourself, improving your speed and endurance, and everything else involved in being a great fighter.

Learn how to shadow box, and learn some real mental street fighting tips. This video will help you prepare mentally for a fight, and will show you how to punch, punch like a master.

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dude God Bless you on that tip, Back in the day I used to get into alot of fights, not because I was looking for trouble but because of my size and the old nerd and dumb jock sencerio (spelling), as i got older learned how to grapple and do knee and elbow attack, but I rarely punched because I don't know how to punch and i had bad technique. Can u make a video on how to punching techniques. Excellent tips

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