How To: Protect yourself against a handgun attack

Protect yourself against a handgun attack

This small video tutorial will show you how to protect yourself against a handgun attack. If you like martial arts or watch one to many movies, you'll love this. It you need to learn self-defense, you will not only love this, you will need this. Don't let somebody threaten you with a gun, defend yourself. Just don't be a hero. Only use this in emergencies, like a life or death situation.


Whatever you do don't try to kick a loaded gun out of someone's hand: it's movie stuff and much too slow to pull off in real life resulting in you getting shot and quite possibly killed. The rest was good, nicely done. Where did you get these techniques from? They're hardly traditional.

Your actors missed the one where you grab the underside of the hand and step over the arm and use your pelvic bone and leverage to break the arm.

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