How To: Defend yourself when attacked from behind for women

Defend yourself when attacked from behind for women

In this video, we learn how to defend against an attacker from behind with Grace. When someone comes from behind, you will want to scream very loudly "NO!". You will also want to hit as hard as you can backwards. Make a fist shape first to protect your hand and punch backwards into the attacker. Make sure you aim towards their groin area to ensure the attacker will fall down. When you hit them, hit them as hard as you can, even if it hurts you and scream as loud as possible so you can attract attention, then run away when they are down.

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You can't generate any force with your elbows this way and if you don't soften him up first you'll never be able to move your hips out to create space for the groinstrike. If you don't block one of his hands he'll be able to put a forearm choke on you, which is far worse than the initial attack. That guy isn't a good substitute for an attacker since he's making no effort to actually hold on to you but then again he doesn't look like he's much stronger than you. To summarize: this is bull#$%@ and you're a complete amateur. I really hope you will never be attacked for real because you won't be effective and you will suffer. Thugs and criminals won't give a damn about your weak strikes and poor technique. I don't get why you do this since you're obviously so bad at it. Get lessons from a real, decent instructor asap, this isn't lalaland where intention (being a bitch) means anything unless backed up by real knowledge and thorough practice.

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