How To: Defend yourself if someone pulls your hair for women

Defend yourself if someone pulls your hair for women

In this video, we learn how to defend yourself against an attack. This will come in handy if someone is trying to come at your from behind and pull your hair. First, spin towards the person attacking you and grab onto their shoulder. Then, knee them in the private area. Another thing you can do is grab their hair and pull them down or put your thumb in their ear and pull them down. Make sure you act quickly and if it's a man, hit them in the private area and yell loudly, this is a great way to help defend yourself.


In reality he's going to pull you violently backward and to the ground, you'll never be able to get under his arm this way let alone be able to deliver effective counterattacks. You really need to stop posing and putting up these useless video's: it's clear, beyond any shadow of a doubt, you have no experience whatsoever in martial arts and you don't know the first thing about real self defense. I watched your youtube video's and they only confirmed it: what you're teaching is highly ineffective and it will get people seriously hurt if they're foolish enough to try any of it. I don't mean to insult you personally but when it comes to self defense and fighting you're totally incompetent, in fact any beginning martial arts student with 2 months of experience wouldn't make half the mistakes you made. Stick with what you're good at it (gymnastics, cheerleading?) or get a proper background in MA & SD before you even attempt to teach things that could get people killed if taught and executed. Self defense isn't a game lady and looking pretty means squat when someone is actually trying to rape or hurt you. If you don't believe me just try your BS move with your partner attacking you in a realistic way, with force. Now he just gently holds your hair for you, more like a lover in the heat of passion than an actual attacker which he's supposed to simulate.

Moreover, you should never kick a man in the balls (which you seem to enjoy just a little too much). I know of two people who found this out the hard way. One broke his knee cap and the other his foot since bullies often wear athletic supporters. It is safer to hit a person in the bladder - it works just as well for either gender. Moreover, the first thing you should do is to grab the person's hand tightly onto your heard. There are much better videos at and I must agree the advice given here will likely do more harm than good. I would personally start any self-defense class by placing two large strips of Duck Tape on the mat and asking students to imagine the strips were train tracks and a train was coming and that they should show me their best block. No matter what they did, I would tell them the train just killed them as no one can "block" a train. The only correct response is to get out of the way. Thus, the first thing to learn for self-defense is how to quickly move away. But, more important than physically moving away, is doing so emotionally. Your greatest weapon is your tongue. Thus, verbal self defense techniques (found in the Verbal Self-Defense books by Dr. Elgin or Verbal Judo by Dr. Thompson) are critically important in the real world. One must not cross another's "face" with words like "Why won't you be reasonable?" Thompson showed saying something like this is but the quickest way for even a cop to end up in the hospital. Plus, you need to personalize calls for help such as "You by the mailbox, call for help." Being able to talk your way out of a fight is a far better plan than trying to fight your way out. Such skills should be taught to children by the age of six. Dr. Thompson taught over a million people and a top student of his developed a program for kids a few years ago... but no one in Tucson offers it and it's only for children.

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