How To: Defend yourself from an attacker

Defend yourself from an attacker

When someone attacks from behind:: When arms are around you, Hold onto attackers arms, step on their foot. Bow down, Head butt them using the back of your head. Next use your elbow to attack the abdomen or chest. When attacker falls strike their back with hands joined together and edge of hand as weapon (pinky side.)

When attacker grabs your hand- As attacker goes for your hand- quickly raise both arms as high as your head and strike attackers face with palm of your hand as hard as you can- preferably their nose. When someone grabs your bag- As attacker grabs bag continue to hold onto the bag and pull the attacker closer to you pulling the attacker towards ground. Then proceed to attack the attacker with your bag on the back or on his or her head. When someone grabs your hair, Grab the attackers hand pulling them closer and then proceed to Attack the shin with a sharp kick until attacker falls then continue kicking them while they're on the ground.

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