How To: Defend yourself in a fight with items found in the bar

Defend yourself in a fight with items found in the bar

At a bar, there’s bound to be some kind of fight that can break out. This video will prepare you just in case you’re stuck in the middle of a bar fight. Baz Rutten says to always keep your eyes on your component so you’ll see your components moves and keep a watch on what he’s carrying in his hands. There are many weapons you can use such as a glass that you can smash someone’s face. You can also throw pepper at their face to blind them. You can just throw a salt bottle at the face to distract him. If there is Tabasco sauce around, throw it in your component’s face or put some on your hand and put it in his face. You can break a plate and cut someone. If you have a beer bottle, make sure to break it across his head. Bar stools can also be used to protect yourself and to throw at someone. If someone comes face to face with you, always have your arms up to defend yourself in case a head butt or glass bottle comes your way. In that stance, you can also head butt someone or elbow them. It’s also smart to go for the groin because that you immediately get your component down. Hopefully these are some useful tips for a bar fight.

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