How To: Defend yourself by pressing vital targets

Defend yourself by pressing vital targets

Hopefully you'll never have to worry about getting attacked. But if you ever find yourself in that situation, knowing how to attack a person's vital targets. This can quickly incapacitate them and keep you safe.

This is your quick-and-dirty guide to learning dozens of ugly, shocking, and painful—yet simple—ways to short-circuit an attacker and give you time to run or make a counterattack. You won't find finesse moves here; there are no complex body mechanics to study or techniques that you'll need weeks of practice to perfect. It's just pure strike, stun, and escape. Loren Christensen was an MP in Saigon during the Vietnam War and then returned home to become a cop on the gritty streets of Portland, Oregon, working among skid row derelicts, violent gang bangers, and everything in between. He knows that street fights are unpredictable, going from "no big deal" to fatal in a heartbeat, and need to be stopped quickly and decisively. The techniques in this video are all designed to deliver a surprising and vicious blast of pain to the attacker, debilitating him temporarily or permanently. Are these tricks dirty? Hell, yes. But in a fight for your life, survival is all that matters. Available now from the Paladin Action Library! Visit for more details.

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