How To: Defend yourself against a school fight and win

Defend yourself against a school fight and win

Ever wondered how to fight, how to defend yourself, or how to simply be bad ass? Well, this video tutorial from Fight Tips will get you on your way to streetfighting, protecting yourself, improving your speed and endurance, and everything else involved in being a great fighter.

Ever get bullied in school? Learn how to defend yourself, and win your fight. A lot of clowns out there try picking on kids, but this time be ready. Gang fights, school fights, girl fist fights, and brawls, you can defend yourself, just see how.


This is dumn. If you keep doin' this #$%@, you will lose both of your #$%@!+*s. Someone is gonna blow your nose, slap you in the face, kick you in the groins, and make you get out of the way.

for haymakers backing is good until the hit or step on your foot and knock u down best is to move as close to there chest where less movement is and throw ur pressure point strikes so that the get severally get hurt fast and easily and so that it is over quickly

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