How To: Defend against a head stomp

Defend against a head stomp

A full lesson on how to defend against a street thug trying to stomp your skull.


should take Aikido..

dudes a bit of a quack. who would stomp with the back foot like that, but ok lets say they do, IF everything works as planned and your cranking the ankle like that its the KNEE that'll go not the ankle, but honestly chances are with any resistance you wont even get that far. And am I the only one that notices that he owes Hideo Kojima royalties i mean come on cqc and the kangaroo looks more like a "snake". neways that could just be a coincedence but it still stands that as a martial artist myself this guy looks like an amature.

ok well who really cares if he's an amature like if you on the ground and thats about to happend well no you no of atleast some kind of move that will block it and might beable to get the other person on the ground inside of getting your face all smashed in

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