How To: Be a bouncer

Be a bouncer

Learn from a seasoned bouncer some tips on fighting unruly guests as a bouncer. Some of the techniques taught are how to escape when a knife is being held to your throat, how to start the fight, and how to escape a throat hold.


typical meat head with very limited knowledge... watched too many films

Wrong, This is Bas Rutten and he is a professinal fighter. He has a lot of knowladge. Do some research on the guy he knows his stuff.

He'd beat your ass down.

You moron that is Bas Rutten hes a multi-champion as well as a multiple martial artist expert. He is VERY knowledgeable and knows alot about self-defense.

professional meat head. he is great when no one is fighting back. as for the dumb american bull#$%@ out of Mattman1970 "beatin my ass down" grow up you dumb bitch

Jeez your really are ignorant aren't you. He was 3 time King of Pancrase and 1 time UFC heavyweight champion. And yeah I'm pretty dam sure all of his opponents fought back.

I luv Bas master. "I'm sorry, no I'm not"....boom..bang..bong..."you tried to kill me time to return the favor"...bong...bang...boom..boom

Nice! I wonder if it's that easy to do in real situations. Good demo but a little fast.


Being a good bouncer is not just about this crap. Street fighting is never that easy, don't forget you can't injure any of the other patrons or else your going to be facing on hell of a lawsuite. Self-defense is one thing, don't go matcho as a bouncer, your there to keep the peace.

the only bad thing is that in america, bouncers aren't allowed to do most that stuff or they will go to jail.

I was a bouncer for 5yrs. This fella knows his stuff!! Although most of it is a little extreme. 95% of the time your dealing with drunks ---- with bad coordination ----- bad judgment -------- and a bad knack for being 10ft tall and bullet proof. Clubs get a bad rep if you used tactics like that on guys that had a little too much to drink. But for pcp or meth heads ----------- it's good to know what he's showing! I hit one of those guys 8-10 times w/ a led filled pool cue... It didn't even phase him! Sometimes it's a ordinary guy that got dumped by his gal and drank too much at her. The next time it's 3 ex - cons w/ shot guns. Bouncers are placed in a position where situations must be dealt with appropriately.. His examples would be on the extreme RED end of the scale. But don't leave home w/out 'em...!!!

Bas is comical in his style of presentation and has an amazing personality but look up some of his fights, King of Pancrase, UFC champion, Pride also I believe.. You could ask any top MMA fighter today about him and they would place him with the greats.

bouncer is im anti with..they always show of..i have win fight againts 8 bouncer at one seem i only need 20 second to bring them down.

imagine what would happen if his kids were naughty. "BANG" go to your room! "BOOM" kick up the stairs! (BTW, i don't anything about this guy, so i don't know if he has kids.)

Far from your typical meathead, that's Bas "el guapo" rutten, Former UFC heavyweight champ, and one of the most badass fighters you'll ever see. He makes a lot of silly sound effects just 'cause he's the type of guy that doesn't take himself too seriously, and yes he would beat your ass down. feel free to look him up on youtube.

hes a BAD ASS

he's the man......!!!!!

1:25 that's a proper judo hold, and they only get hurt if they fight back. This guy is still a bit OTT tho...

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