Hot Hand Combat How-Tos

How To: Defend yourself when attacked from behind

In this how-to video, you will learn how to defend yourself from an attack from behind. When someone gets you from behind, put your arm around him and grab his arm. Make sure to shout when you do this. Take your other arm and punch him in the face twice by punching him once and then punching him when the arm is returning back. You have many types of shots to take, such as at the throat or groin. Once this is done, you can push the attacker back. This video offers great advice for responding t...

How To: Defend yourself when attacked from behind for women

In this video, we learn how to defend against an attacker from behind with Grace. When someone comes from behind, you will want to scream very loudly "NO!". You will also want to hit as hard as you can backwards. Make a fist shape first to protect your hand and punch backwards into the attacker. Make sure you aim towards their groin area to ensure the attacker will fall down. When you hit them, hit them as hard as you can, even if it hurts you and scream as loud as possible so you can attract...

How To: Defend yourself with the C-grip technique

It's called the 'C-grip' because your hand position forms the shape of the letter C, and its called the 'throat crush' because of what it can do. First, form the letter C with your thumb and the rest of your hand, focusing primary on the index and middle fingers. This strong 'C' can then be applied to the throat. Once latched on, squeeze with all your might trying to bring your thumb and first two fingers to meet inside your assailants throat.

How To: Practice small joint manipulation

An easy way to get someone to release their hold on you is to grab hard onto one of their fingers and either twist, by rotating your own wrist or snap the finger backwards. Anyone can do this! I asked one of my younger students to grab my finger once.

How To: Punch aggressively in a street fight

Ever wondered how to fight, how to defend yourself, or how to simply be bad ass? Well, this video tutorial from Fight Tips will get you on your way to streetfighting, protecting yourself, improving your speed and endurance, and everything else involved in being a great fighter.

How To: Strike vital points for self-defense

Sensei Anthony Britton demonstrates how to defend yourself against an attacker larger and heavier than yourself by applying the principles of vital point striking. Cause your attacker some pain by attacking those weak human body areas. Works on all shapes and sizes.

How To: Defend yourself against an attacker at night

When coming home late at night you should always be alert. Predators use this time of the night to take advantage of the hour when no one is around and the person with their guard down due to a long work night with things on the mind. When someone approaches you at night be aware of their posture and how fast they are approaching. Often they will ask a harmless question to build trust and to get closer. Use a loud voice to yell stop and no. After you have said no and they still persist then b...

How To: Release a choke hold in self-defense

Sensei Anthony Britton demonstrates how to release a choke hold from an attacker from the front and a choke hold from the back. So, if you ever get attacked in a deep dark alley and have their hands or arms around your neck, then you definitely need to check out this how-to video for your protection. So don't get choked, get out of it.

How To: Do a flying triangle choke

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to do a flying triangle choke. The flying triangle is similar to doing a flying arm-bar. There are 2 ways to do the flying triangle. The first way is to grab your opponent with both arms. Then jump up and wrap both of your feet around the opponent's stomach. The second way is to begin by placing your leg on your opponent's shoulder. Then jump up and wrap your other leg around the opponent's head to pull them down. This video will benefit those viewers...

How To: Defend yourself if someone pulls your hair for women

In this video, we learn how to defend yourself against an attack. This will come in handy if someone is trying to come at your from behind and pull your hair. First, spin towards the person attacking you and grab onto their shoulder. Then, knee them in the private area. Another thing you can do is grab their hair and pull them down or put your thumb in their ear and pull them down. Make sure you act quickly and if it's a man, hit them in the private area and yell loudly, this is a great way t...

How To: Perform basic footwork in Aikido

Learn to be like Steven Seagal with some Aikido martial arts instructions! This video tutorial will show you how to perform basic footwork in Aikido. Sean Flynn explains the basic footwork drills ("unsoku" in Japanese) of Tomiki Aikido. Aikido might seem easy, but don't fool yourself, use this as a basis or an introduction.

How To: Perform a choke hold release

This video explains how to perform a choke hold release. The first move shown is an attacker simply choking his victim from the front and then performing a release. The release is shown in the video is to while being choked reach over the attackers arm hold and slam two fingers into his trachea, punch and then kick the victim in the stomach. The second move shown is when the attacker grabs you from behind is to use your hand to push your elbow into their body and flip them onto their back and...

How To: Shrimp by creating space on your back

In this tutorial, we learn how to shrimp (create space when on your back). First, you will need to paint your background on the shirt. After you have done this all over the shirt, you will carefully place your stencil down. Then, paint over your stencil, making sure not to get the paint anywhere else on it. Once you have covered your stencil completely in paint then you will be able to remove it. Let your shirt dry flat when you are finished and make sure there is a paper inside it so the col...

How To: Grab a gun away in self-defense

Practical Chinese Combat System incorporates only the most effective self-defense techniques from the many internal and external fighting. This unique, comprehensive system is taught to law enforcement officers in both China and America and is now available to you through this exciting video series.

How To: Escape a simple wrist grab

Escape a simple wrist grab! In this two-parter, you'll see simple and effective techniques that even kids can use to defend against a would-be attacker / abductor. These are only a few techniques and is not implied to be effective 100% of the time. Continued training and practice is needed for anyone to be effective in self defense regardless of age.

How To: Regain guard position when pinned on the ground

In this video, we learn how to regain guard position when pinned on the ground. Once you have someone on top of you and you are pinned down, then take your knee in. Your knee and head should be on the same path and your head should move away and straighten out. Make sure to do this in one movement, not two movements. Then, you should be inside the guard so you are in a better position. Move out and put your foot in between the opponent's knees. From here, you will be able to move your leg out...

How To: Defend yourself from someone choking you for women

In this video, Grace shows us how to use self defense on someone that is coming after you. If your attacker comes at you with both of their arms on your shoulders, clasp your hands together. You will then use your elbows to break apart their hands and elbow that person in the face. Once you've done this, scream "no" while you are doing this extremely loudly. After you've yelled, knee your attacker in the private area and then run away as quickly as possible to find help. This is for a woman t...

How To: Escape from leg holds while on the ground

In this tutorial, we learn how to escape from leg holds while on the ground. First, take and push their hand away from you so they can't grip you any longer. If this doesn't work, use your hand to push their head down until it reaches the end of your body. Then, you will be able to work out of their hold and escape to get up and gain the advantage over them. They will be looking down, so you will be able to get up quickly while their vision is looking somewhere else and they aren't at full at...

How To: Be a bouncer

Learn from a seasoned bouncer some tips on fighting unruly guests as a bouncer. Some of the techniques taught are how to escape when a knife is being held to your throat, how to start the fight, and how to escape a throat hold.

How To: Defend yourself from an attacker

When someone attacks from behind:: When arms are around you, Hold onto attackers arms, step on their foot. Bow down, Head butt them using the back of your head. Next use your elbow to attack the abdomen or chest. When attacker falls strike their back with hands joined together and edge of hand as weapon (pinky side.)

How To: Survive a bar fight

What is the best way to survive a bar fight? The best way to survive the bar fight is to avoid the fight. If there's no way to do that, up the ante and act like the craziest guy in the place. Threaten with a bottle in one hand and a chair in the other. Nobody will want to mess with such an unpredictable character.

How To: Defend yourself using the 'rear naked' move

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to defend themselves with a rear naked choke. Begin by wrapping your right arm around the opponent's neck with your elbow facing the same direction as the opponent's chin. With the right hand, grab it onto your biceps or sleeves of the left arm. Then place the left hand behind the opponent's head and near his/her temple. Now constrict your arms by pushing in towards your opponent's head. This video will benefit those viewers who are interested in mart...

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