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News : Silicon Valley Nerds Make Their Own Fight Club

I suppose everybody needs a release. Even Silicon Valley computer dweebs with generous salaries and aching mouse fingers. From WonderHowTo's favorite filmmakers, California is a Place, a portrait of a bunch of nerds duking it out, à la Chuck Palahniuk's infamous Fight Club: ( ...more

News : Transform a hug into domination and submission

Ross and Josh are skilled and hilarious. Their show UrbanBeatdown shows the best ways to dominate your buddies like a Kung Fu master. Their legal disclaimer should be taken seriously, but Ross and Josh should not. They create submission holds to take down and subdue an incom ...more

News : Headbutt like Kiefer Sutherland

According to the gossip rags our favorite terrorist torturer, Jack Bauer is back on the rampage. Unfortunately, not on the 24 set, but in real life. Kiefer Sutherland was booked yesterday for a misdemeanor in the "headbutting" of fellow (albeit minor) celeb Jack McCollough. K ...more

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