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How To : Escape from leg holds while on the ground

In this tutorial, we learn how to escape from leg holds while on the ground. First, take and push their hand away from you so they can't grip you any longer. If this doesn't work, use your hand to push their head down until it reaches the end of your body. Then, you will be ab ...more

How To : Shrimp by creating space on your back

In this tutorial, we learn how to shrimp (create space when on your back). First, you will need to paint your background on the shirt. After you have done this all over the shirt, you will carefully place your stencil down. Then, paint over your stencil, making sure not to get ...more

How To : Regain guard position when pinned on the ground

In this video, we learn how to regain guard position when pinned on the ground. Once you have someone on top of you and you are pinned down, then take your knee in. Your knee and head should be on the same path and your head should move away and straighten out. Make sure to do ...more

How To : Sucker punch an unsuspecting opponent

Sucker punching someone is not an honorable move, but sometimes it is necessary for moral or comedic purposes. If you want to sucker punch someone and have never done it before, watch this video for tips on how to execute it properly.

How To : Do crow bar to chin pick to gogo

In this video, we learn how to do a crow bar to chin pick to gogo. First, bring the opponent down and get control of the with your leg over their head, hugging them tight. The other person will be hugging your other leg, so use a crow bar to pull your leg down and extend your ...more

How To : Get a tighter rear naked choke

In this video, we learn how to get a tighter rear naked choke. First, have the other person sit down and get on your knees behind them. After this, place your arm around their neck and pinch it with the crease in your elbow. If you hold this long enough, they will become dizzy ...more

How To : Get the triangle choke from the arm bar counter

In this video, we learn how to get the triangle choke from the arm bar counter. Start off with your legs over the other person's body and sitting on them. After this, rock your body back so your back touches the ground. Then, bring your other foot around and place their head i ...more

How To : Get a kimura when you're trapped in a hip lock

Mixed martial arts and Brazilian jiu jitsu champion Fabricio Werdum demonstrates the proper technique for getting a kimura when your opponent has you in a hip lock. He demonstrates several easy techniques to break out of a lock and still come out on top.

How To : Do the rear naked choke move

In this video, we learn how to do the rear naked choke move with Scott Marker. Do this while grappling, by starting out behind your opponent on the floor. Keep your hands with a closed fist and place your arm across their chest. Now, place your other arm in between his arm and ...more

How To : Do the wrapping shoulder elbow lock

In this video, we learn how to do the wrapping shoulder elbow lock. First, you will be mounting on top of the opponent and place your arm behind his arm. It should be wrapping behind you while you are still maintaining your base. Next, sit back on his belly, then place your ot ...more

How To : Do the sickle sweep move

In this video, we learn how to do the sickle sweet move. First, reach down and grab the person's sleeve. Next, reach down and grab his leg, then turn to the side. He will probably start to step in towards you at this point, which is when you will switch your legs and put your ...more

How To : Perform a Kimura counter and then reversal

In this next self-defense tutorial, you'll find out how to perform a kimura counter and then reversal into a shoulder lock. This is great for those who need to find out how to get out of a certain situation or move. In this case, it's the Kimura. Practice this technique enough ...more

How To : Perform an arm bar off a flower sweep attempt

If you are interested in learning submission moves, but have no idea what to do, this next video should be of some help. In the tutorial, you'll find out how to perform an arm bar off a flower sweep attempt. It's not too difficult to recreate, but if done incorrectly, can resu ...more

How To : Perform the s mount arm bar off the flower sweep

If you want to leanr submission techniques, this next tutorial will help teach you something that can come on handy. In this video tutorial, you'll be finding out how to perform the s mount arm bar off the flower sweep. It's not too difficult to perform, if you practice it ove ...more

How To : Escape from the guillotine or the von flue choke

If you are learning hand to hand combat and need some help with trying to get out of the guillotine or the van flue choke, this next tutorial show you how. This particular choke(counter) is applied when your opponent holds on to a guillotine when YOU are on TOP in side contro ...more

How To : Kimura shoulder lock from cross side

In this video, we learn how to kimura shoulder lock from cross side. First, you want to have your opponent laying down on the ground. You want to be over their body, with your left arm holding down their left arm and your right arm then taking the place of that arm, then pushi ...more

How To : Do a flying triangle choke

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to do a flying triangle choke. The flying triangle is similar to doing a flying arm-bar. There are 2 ways to do the flying triangle. The first way is to grab your opponent with both arms. Then jump up and wrap both of your feet around ...more

How To : Block a punch in Kun Tao

Kun Tao is a martial arts that is nor widely known here in the U.S., but is practiced in areas like the Philippines, Indonesia, and Singapore. It's gaining popularity in the MMA world, but still isn't as big as some of the other martial arts. So if you're curious about learnin ...more

How To : Pound in Kun Tao martial arts

There are many different forms of martial arts in the world. Many, of which people already know the names of. But there are some that don't get as much attention. Kun Tao could be one of them. This form of martial arts is practiced in areas such as Indonesia, Singapore and the ...more

How To : Perform the corkscrew takedown

All you old wrestlers, listen up. If you're looking for an efftective low impace take down that is easy on your body, this tutorial is for you. In the video, you'll find out how to perform the corkscrew takedown. It requires you to keep tight and try not to hurt your back. Goo ...more

How To : Perform a single leg takedown

Mastering the single leg takedown is an important step along the way to mastering freestyle wrestling and jiu jitzu alike. In this two-part video, wrestler Nick Robinson teaches the fundamentals and more advanced techniques associate with this takedown, including shooting dist ...more

How To : Defend yourself by breaking away and escaping

To defend yourself against an attacker that grabs your arm, their thumbs are always the weakest link. When they grab you, asses where their thumb is, and pull away sharply against their thumb. If the attacker is bigger, use both your arms. Lock your hands together tight, and u ...more

How To : Defend yourself using household items

In this how-to video, you will learn how much damage every day kitchen objects to defend yourself. In this example, we will use a pot, a can, a brush, a pen, and a cell phone. You will use this object to strike a lump of clay. First, a fist impacting this lump does not leave a ...more

How To : Defend yourself using the 'rear naked' move

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to defend themselves with a rear naked choke. Begin by wrapping your right arm around the opponent's neck with your elbow facing the same direction as the opponent's chin. With the right hand, grab it onto your biceps or sleeves of the ...more

How To : Defend yourself against an attacker at night

When coming home late at night you should always be alert. Predators use this time of the night to take advantage of the hour when no one is around and the person with their guard down due to a long work night with things on the mind. When someone approaches you at night be aw ...more

How To : Defend yourself from an attacker

When someone attacks from behind:: When arms are around you, Hold onto attackers arms, step on their foot. Bow down, Head butt them using the back of your head. Next use your elbow to attack the abdomen or chest. When attacker falls strike their back with hands joined together ...more

How To : Defend yourself when attacked from behind

In this how-to video, you will learn how to defend yourself from an attack from behind. When someone gets you from behind, put your arm around him and grab his arm. Make sure to shout when you do this. Take your other arm and punch him in the face twice by punching him once an ...more

How To : Defend yourself from someone choking you for women

In this video, Grace shows us how to use self defense on someone that is coming after you. If your attacker comes at you with both of their arms on your shoulders, clasp your hands together. You will then use your elbows to break apart their hands and elbow that person in the ...more

How To : Defend yourself by pressing vital targets

Hopefully you'll never have to worry about getting attacked. But if you ever find yourself in that situation, knowing how to attack a person's vital targets. This can quickly incapacitate them and keep you safe. This is your quick-and-dirty guide to learning dozens of ugly, s ...more

How To : Perform a choke hold release

This video explains how to perform a choke hold release. The first move shown is an attacker simply choking his victim from the front and then performing a release. The release is shown in the video is to while being choked reach over the attackers arm hold and slam two finger ...more

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